Friday, December 20, 2013

Credit Card Security

As many of us may have heard, the news is reporting a possible debit/credit card security compromise at Target stores. Target has been made aware of a possible compromise on debit & credit cards used in their brick and mortar stores (not online purchases) between the dates of 11/29-12/15.

As of now, MMFCU is unaware of any MMFCU cardholders that have been affected by the Target Security compromise. However, we thought this would be a good opportunity to bring up the best practices regarding credit card security. Below are our recommendations:

1. Monitor your credit and debit cards from all financial institutions. If you see unusual activity, contact the credit union or the financial institution issuing the card immediately.

2. Watch your credit report via for future account openings. This is a FREE service to review your credit report annually.

3. To deactivate a MMFCU credit or debit card during non-business hours call, 1-866-820-3862.

4. Be aware of credit scams. MMFCU will not ask for any personal information via phone or e-mail that you the member has not initiated. If you are unsure if the call or e-mail is legitimate, call your local MMFCU branch at a phone number you retrieve from or local phone book. Do not return calls via a phone number provided by the "in-question" call or e-mail.

5. Review Questions & Answers from VISA and best practices regarding card security.

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