Friday, August 14, 2015

Student Choice Private Loans Through MMFCU

Mid-Minnesota Federal Credit Union has an array of different resources for members of all ages. Our young adult members benefit from our Student Choice Private Loans. A Student Choice Private Loan is a solution to the ever-growing problem of paying for college by helping to fill the funding gap that exists after other sources of aid have been exhausted.

We are able to offer zero origination fees and lower rates than most other lenders, as well as the option for fully deferred payments while students are in school. This type of loan is structured as a Line-Of-Credit, which means the student is able to use it over several years without needing to reapply. We offer a flexible repayment plan as well as a chance to reduce your interest rate by 0.25% when enrolling in an automatic payment plan.

Partnering with Mid-Minnesota Federal Credit Union to finance a college education is also a good choice because it will help students establish a relationship with a financial institution they can trust. Mid-Minnesota Federal Credit Union has partnered with iGrad to offer the best financial education tools and resources available so students can make an informed decision about college financing options. iGrad offers written tutorials, interactive modules, informational articles and games to make learning about finances fun and easy to understand. The tool also offers calculators to help calculate student loans, repayment, and even how to save with internet TV.

Another valuable feature through iGrad is Job Genius; an irreplaceable assistance for students to find their ideal job with career search tools and resources. Signing up is free, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of all the opportunity iGrad has to offer! With Mid-Minnesota Federal Credit Union Student Choice Private Loans, students can make their college education dreams a reality- apply online today!

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