Friday, October 2, 2015

October is National Co-operative Month

October has been national co-operative month since 1930. Co-ops span all industries including credit unions, dairy operations, health care and housing. There are more than 29,000 co-ops across the United States. Mid-Minnesota Credit Union falls under this umbrella. Some co-ops are not just small and in rural areas. Large national co-ops include Sunkist, Ace Hardware and Land O’ Lakes.

Co-ops start to help people meet a need in their area. It’s not about making money. People who use or deliver services are members of the co-op. Their participation is the key to the co-op’s success. Co-ups exist to serve their communities first and bring in quality goods and services to its members. Joining a co-up is a great choice for buying local and keeping jobs in the community. Some co-ops even pay their members if business is going good.

Members always maintain democratic control of their co-op, which means they vote on fellow members to be on the board of directors at an annual meeting. Members have an equal say in the co-op’s operations and future.

Co-ops give their members a voice in the community and help make a difference. Minnesota was one of the first states to enact a law authorizing credit unions and the first state to celebrate an official co-op month in 1948. Minnesota is also home to the most co-ops and co-op memberships in the country.

Mid-Minnesota Credit Union takes pride in serving Becker, Cass, Crow Wing, Douglas, Norman, Morrison, Todd, Wadena and Otter Tail Counties. If you live, work, worship or attend school in any of those geographic locations, you’re eligible for membership. If you have a blood relative in these areas, you’re also eligible for membership.

Should you meet any of these guidelines, a simple $5 deposit will make you a member/owner of Mid-Minnesota Federal Credit Union, which will allow you to apply for any of our hundreds of free and low-cost services.

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