Friday, January 27, 2017

“Insure” a Safer 2017 for You and Your Family

Let’s face it, accidents happen. They happen to your car, your home, and sometimes even the people you love. Insurance helps you protect yourself, your family and your belongings. We’ve put together the key reasons why our insurance options are necessary.

car-85320_1280.jpgAuto Insurance protects and covers damages done to your automobile. The average price of a new car reached an all-time high last year at a whopping $34,077. That’s a 2.7% increase from 2015. If you’re going to be investing that much into your car, you’re going to want to make sure that it’s fully protected out on the road. In the case of an accident, car insurance can pay for medical bills and protect you from motorists who may not have insurance of their own.

Recreational Vehicles
need insurance too! It is important to get a coverage that can pay for exactly what you need. Typical auto insurance policies offer a roadside assistance, but towing an RV can cost three times more than a typical tow. Get your specialty recreational vehicle policy to ensure every cost will be paid for.

Home Insurance provides protection to much more than the physical structure of your home. During bad weather, damage to the outside of your house can get costly. Having a good homeowners policy can help pay those repair bills. Guests visiting your home can also be covered under some policies. If you have to leave your house because of fire damage or another covered risk, a homeowners policy can even help cover the cost of hotel stays.


Life Insurance is about making sure your loved ones are taken care of. Provide your family with the right tools to carry on without the worry of financial struggles. Funeral costs can be a burden to families. An insurance policy can ease their mind and allow them to mourn without the financial worry. If there’s one thing that needs more protecting than anything, it’s your life.

We can find you the best combination of price, coverage, and service that will fit all of your insurance needs. The Insurance Office at Mid-Minnesota Federal Credit Union will provide different options for insurance plans that will save you money. Our staff has the experience and knowledge to find the perfect fit for you.

Call or stop by today for a free, no-obligation policy review by Agency Manager, Steve Isackson ( or Agent Barb Dalton ( at the Insurance Office. They'll determine if you have ample coverage and are paying a fair premium.